• The aim of the association is to support measures in the area of networking and cooperation of regional actors to strengthen the business location and the competitiveness of companies and to support corresponding regional-political activities in the capital region.
  • Support of the cooperation partners organized in the association in positioning and assertion in existing markets and in opening up new markets.
  • Supporting companies and scientific institutions in identifying suitable development and project partners.
  • Initiation of innovative projects; support in the development of national and international R&D applications.
  • Supporting sustainable market development by initiating and promoting market and competitive system solutions.


  • Strong association of manufacturers, suppliers, users and scientific institutions in Berlin/Brandenburg and beyond, who deal with the topic of unmanned systems
  • Establishment of a competence centre in Berlin/ Brandenburg
  • Cooperation with national and international associations (membership in UAV DACH and UVSI via Prof. Meinberg already guaranteed)